Lessons to a daughter

"The Chinese used Tamiflu and support measures to treat Covid 19. The Thai used Kaletra with Tamiflu which was effective.

It is important to understand mechanisms of action.

Coronoviruses impairs both  T cell and B cell response (in multiple old papers) similar to Borrelia leading to flourishing atypical pneumonia. Hence the reason the Thai approach worked. A recent study confirms the similarity of Covid to HIV.

Zinc interferes  with their proteases and that's why it is effective in prevention and treatment."

More recent data shows that coronoviruses are mutating

  The links below navigate to external resources that patients have found useful and a history of Covid treatments and ongoing advances. 

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Covid Updates.

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A recent Lancet update suggests that Covid targets the lungs via the ACE 2 receptors. certain medications notably ibuprofen,blood pressure medications eg ACE inhibitors and ARBS may upregulate  these receptors. Calcium channel blockers do not affect these receptors.